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Primary Forests of central Europe

Imagine forest so deep, that it is still untouched by the civilization. Imagine the geografical heart of Europe covered with threes and grass.

British Fields

Poultry gaming has been a traditional royal pastime in Britain since 17th century. Clean environment and rough wild landscapes seem to be a perfect complimentary piece.

Tierra del Fuego

A land where the Earth ends. A land of fire. The Southern edge of South America is known for its extremely difficult climate.

Argentinian Pampas

Pampa means plain. How else would one describe more than 750,000 square kilometers of South American lowlands? Unbounded wildness and warm climate combine into a truly unique environment.

Traditional Smokehouse Vogely

Grandfather, father, son: smoking meat is and has been their craft and their life. Our smoker searches and finds all the beech wood himself. It should not be to dry, not too moist, not too old or too young . And that’s just the beginning . The wood has to be turned in to charcoal , the temperature of the oven should be just right, for hours, sometimes days. Meat is not just meat ; every meat is different , and the Smoker, must be able to make on all these levels the right decision, about time, temperature and conditions. No manual, nor computer can replace experience.