Wild duck breast in red wine

Cooking time:  , actual cooking about 30 minutes

Difficulty; easy/medium

Serves;  flexible , one duckbreast pp


For each person – at least 1 VOGELY wild duck breast – ideally about 1 1/2 each as they are usually quite small, but of course you can bulk up with other side dishes if you only have 1 each

500 ml of red wine for each 4 breasts of duck

250 gr of chickenbroth

2 tablespoons of good olive oil

4 sjalots

table spoon dairy butter



If you are using plonky wine, you might need to add some herbs such as thyme and some garlic – if you are using decent wine, there should be enough flavours in the wine to suffice.


Marinate the duck breasts in a mix of the red wine and olive oil for 4 hours (or so)

Pre-heat your oven to about 180 degrees

Heat an oven-proof pan to medium heat then add the duck breasts, skin side down for a minute. Remove the duck from the pan, and add the marinade liquid – heat it to boiling point and then add the duck breasts back to the pan. Put into the pre-heated oven and cook for about 5 minutes. Remove from the oven – test with a knife – the duck should still be very red in the middle, but not raw. Due to the lack of fat, you wont get the skin to be very crispy, so dont be disappointed if it doesnt look crispy!

Leave to sit for at least 10 minutes – the duck will continue to cook on, and should end up just nicely pink. If the cooking liquid is too thin, remove the duck breasts from the pan, and reduce down the liquid over a medium heat – this will probably take about 3-4 minutes.

To serve, cut the duck breasts into slices (on the diagonal is usually prettier!) then add the sauce around the slices.

We had the dish with potato boulangere and steamed savoy cabbage, with a side salad of carrot/beetroot salad…


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